Digital Grid Features & Benefits

SNC’s Digital Grid is a net-enabled solution that accelerates learning of the battlespace and accelerates the kill chain cycle from hours to minutes. The process starts with collecting data from sensors and assets worldwide. The data is processed in real-time using AI to digitize the battlefield and help warfighters make informed decisions.
Multi-Domain ISR
Advanced Analytics
Edge Intelligence
Deep Sensing
Automated Kill Chain
Space-Based RF Sensing
Open Architecture

Connecting the Battlefield

With the Digital Grid, you gain information superiority and the confidence to make critical decisions, giving you both a strategic edge in warfare and operational effectiveness. Our goal is to invest in and integrate platforms and weapons that can enable a secure and integrated web of relevant information. To achieve this, we have developed a Digital Grid that allows any net-enabled system to exchange messages or commands effortlessly. This system is equipped with 125+ data collocation and visualization capabilities, which can be used in a connected battlefield to enhance communication and coordination

+ Data Capabilities
K Operational Users
+ Integrated Products & Counting
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