SNC TRAX Features & Benefits

Shares critical data between disparate data links, sensors, weapon systems & AI/ML apps

Interoperability Icon

Interoperability between
60+ disparate systems

Certified C2 Gateway Icon

Certified C2 Gateway for
bi-directional data exchanges


Shorten Sensor-to-Shooter Icon

Shorten sensor-to-shooter
timelines from hours to minutes
Simplified Integrations Icon
Simplified integrations
with non-proprietary
APIs & SW Development Kit
Platform agnostic software
Platform agnostic software for
cloud, Windows, Linux & Android
Enhanced situational awareness icon
Enhanced situational
awareness with AI-enabled
common data model

Immediate & Simplified Connectivity

SNC TRAX is an operationally proven solution capable of removing key barriers that typically prevent our forces from realizing the overwhelming potential of networked sensors, weapons and systems – aiding the warfighter in clear, rapid decision making in the ‘fog of war.’

Data Protocols & Growing
K Instances Across the Globe
+ Disparate Systems Integrated

Remote Control Data, Role-based Access, Intuitive Display & Enhanced Messaging

As the number of networked players increases, so does the complexity of the networks. The ability for military personnel to clearly and seamlessly share data across platforms and branches of service is critical to successful operations. Yet getting incompatible radios, communications and data systems to connect and exchange information remains a significant challenge.   

SNC TRAX software architecture enables rapid integration of other systems and sensors, providing the analytics and fusion of data to enable decision making with near-real-time information across multiple warfare domains. 


The SNC TRIK TDL-Gateway is a ruggedized solution with optimum performance within size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints for an austere environment while positioning critical resources at the tactical edge. The TRAX-enabled TRIK-TDL Gateway’s cutting-edge combination of hardware and software capabilities make it an agnostic, secure broker of data across domains. It links systems and sensors in all domains of tactical engagement – air, land, sea and space – globally across the U.S. DOD and its strategic partners.  

The TRAX TRIK TDL- Gateway creates a scalable foundation for meeting warfighter requirements by providing resilient and interoperable connectivity to cloud and Internet Protocol (IP) connected platforms in degraded, contested and resource-limited environments.  It reduces timelines for threat detection, correlation and engagement, enabling distributed mission command – ultimately becoming the source of joint all-domain command and control (JADC2). 


SNC CERBERUS is a multi-client, web-based user dashboard for visualization and plugin management with an open interface capable of supporting Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) requirements from a modern cloud-native framework. The tool leverages cloud authentication of SNC TRAX® software to provide a bi-directional data integration layer with the open mission network interface (OMNI) and government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) common data model to visually display and perform command and control across all domains. SNC CERBERUS delivers an open application programming interface (API) that supports the JADC2 requirements defined by the Joint Staff J6. 


  • SNC TRAX-enabled
  • High fidelity, two-way data exchanges
  • Radar, sensor, radio & weapon control
  • Quickly view & cue maps to targets
  • Video recording, routing & streaming
  • 2D & 3D projections
  • Chat services for any networked participants
  • Link-16 host: MIL-STD 6016F
  • Platform-J: Link-16 radios, SADL radios
  • Joint Range Extension Apps Protocols: MIL-STD 3011
  • Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL): MIL-STD 6016F
  • Key-Length-Value (KLV)
  • Forwarding (Gateway): MIL-STD 6020
  • Variable Message Format (VMF): MIL-STD 6017 A–D, D Cursor-on-target
  • Users Join: Air-air, join gateway or establish a network

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