From engineers and scientists to cybersecurity experts and skilled technicians, SNC’s diverse global team has safeguarded freedom and empowered the next generation to transform humanity through technology and imagination for the past 60 years.

60 Years in 60 Seconds

As we look to the next 60 years of staying one step ahead, we are reminded of the milestones along the way. As part of our 60th anniversary, we present a year-long series — 60 Years in 60 Seconds — which highlights some of our most significant milestones.


In our first episode, we transport back to 1963 when SNC was just a small company based in an airplane hangar at the Reno-Stead Airport with only a handful of employees.  


In 1981, we look back at how Eren and Fatih Ozmen got their start with SNC and how they have continued to live and breathe our company’s six-decade mission of staying agile and innovative.


Episode three highlights how under their ownership and vision, the company rapidly grew from a small company with only a handful of employees into the trusted multi-billion-dollar, global leader in aerospace and defense it is today.


We see upward growth kick into high gear with SNC’s first acquisition. Over the next 12 years, SNC would diversify and expand its capabilities through a series of acquisitions leading to the rapid growth and expansion of the company.


As SNC continues to expand its capabilities, the need for designated production operations grow in Sparks, NV, taking the company into the future!

2004 (pt. 2)

SNC hit another major milestone in 2004, establishing a facility in Hagerstown, Maryland and expanding operations on the East Coast.


SNC establishes an office in Centennial, Colorado, and acquires Straight Flight, creating what is now the IAS business area. This allows SNC to expand its offerings to include aircraft modification.


By 2008, SNC looked to the future, setting its sights on the next great technological frontier - space! The company launched its space division from Louisville, Colorado and the Dream Chaser spaceplane was born.


This episode marks one of SNC's most exciting milestones yet, the year the company officially went global! Learn when and how SNC made its big move across the pond to become not only a top U.S. defense company, but a world leader in aerospace, defense and national security. 


In the final episode of our 60 Years in 60 Seconds series, we not only celebrate SNC's Diamondversary year but also look into the future. Throughout our history, much has changed but our commitment to innovation, our customers and staying one step ahead will always remain. 

Stories that Inspire

As part of our 60th anniversary celebration, each month SNC celebrates the foundation forged and the future to come by spotlighting some of our tenured employees and the faces of SNC's future.

Jared M.

Jared M brings an infectious level of energy and work ethic to his role as a Cybersecurity Analyst within our Security Operations Center. Like a scene out of a movie, his career trajectory has resulted from a combination of opportunity and mentorship, and it now allows Jared to be a part of the first line of defense for us and our customer network.

Jacob L.

Jacob Lobeda is a Sr. Operations Manager and a veteran dedicated to delivering critical, life-saving technology into the hands of the warfighter. He is passionate about visiting field site operations to see first-hand what customers need to achieve the mission.

Tiffany B.

For more than 15 years, Tiffany's job scope has expanded beyond her daily duties: she's someone that other employees look forward to working with and it all comes down to her infectious attitude. As SNC's “People Person”, Tiffany has impressed many across the enterprise as someone to rely on and someone to make you smile.

Kyle S.

From intern to chief engineer in Cyber programs, Kyle "Wiimote" and his 13 years at SNC have been exemplary. He brings vast experience in both systems and software engineering. Now he leads a team doing work that's literally out of this world.

Cassie C.

For the last 60 years, our keen focus on agility has driven next-gen employees like Cassie C. to look for new ways to keep SNC innovative. As a leader in cybersecurity data science, she has spent her career leveraging data to solve the problems of tomorrow, today.

John R.

John R., a technical fellow at SNC, has helped keep us at the forefront of electronic warfare and countermeasures systems for decades. His commitment to solving critical problems keeps us and our customers one step ahead — today and in the future.

Jack C.

Since 1989, Jack C. has been an integral part of some of our most innovative solutions. As a project leader, problem solver, and a man with arguably the coolest name within the company he is one of the many faces of SNC that show our future is just as bright as our past.

Fatih Ozmen

From intern to CEO, Fatih Ozmen has dedicated the past 42 years to SNC's continued commitment to safeguarding our freedom. He lives and breathes our company's six-decade mission of staying agile and innovative in order to always stay one step ahead.