Veteran Spotlight: Meet Josh B., Director of Business Development

Josh, Director of Business Development, joined SNC after serving our country in the Army. Learn why he says having a large number of veteran employees gives SNC a huge advantage in our industry. 

Please tell us what you did in the military.
I was commissioned a 2LT from Auburn University in 1999 and subsequently began Army Aviator training where I became an AH-64D “Longbow” Apache Helicopter pilot. Following flight school, I was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division where I served as a Platoon Leader during the invasion of Iraq (OIF 01). Following OIF 1 I attended various Army schools and was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division. While assigned to 1st CAV l held two company commands while deployed to Baghdad for a 15-month rotation during the “Surge.” When I completed company command, I joined the Army Acquisition corps. My time in the Acquisition Corps included various assignments from being an Assistant Product Manager for Apache, a General’s aide, Congressional Affairs Officer and leading a product office. I enjoyed my time in the Army mainly due to the incredible Americans I served with both in Combat and Garrison. The Army also afforded me tremendous opportunities for training that included attaining an MBA at the Naval Post Graduate School, Airborne School, Air Assault School and Defense Acquisition courses.

What brought you to SNC?
I was blessed to learn about SNC during my tenure as the Army Aviation Programs Legislative Liaison on Capitol Hill.  At the time, SNC was informing Congress about the Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) program. I was exposed to the tremendous technology through friendships in the DC office. Having experienced brown out landings, and being about 100 yards from a brown out crash in OIF 01, I understand the risks to our warfighters while operating in austere environmental conditions. 

What is your job at SNC and why do you enjoy it?
I am the Director of Business Development for the Mission Solutions and Technologies business area. I absolutely love the driven spirit and strategic mindset of the SNC team. I’ve quickly learned that SNC employees lean in to challenges, while remaining intensely focused on providing our warfighters with every possible advantage!

Why do you think it’s important to serve our country?
Having visited and/or lived abroad most of my life there is NO question we live in the greatest country on the planet. The protection of our freedoms and blessing hinge on the small population that volunteer to defend it.

What does it mean to you that 30% of SNC employees are veterans?
I think it’s imperative. Veterans bring a tenacity of mission focus and execution. I’ve found that those I served with, or am currently serving with at SNC, have a drive and determination to ensure our products are relevant and aligned with warfighter needs. Our veterans have lived the reality of armed conflict and deeply understand how overmatch makes a difference when rounds start flying.  Finally, our veterans are relatable to our customer base. When a customer understands an SNC veteran’s past experience, it leads to deeper relationships and a baseline of trust. American veterans share a perpetual bond.

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