SNC Launches Space Related Playlist

April 02, 2020

No matter where you work, music can liven up your workspace. Some studies say listening to music you like can even help you focus better on the task at hand!

That’s why the SNC cooked up ‘SNC’s Exploration Station.’ It’s a playlist jam-packed with more than 50 space-themed songs. Sure, some might be a stretch, (ahem, The Joker), but others, like Man on the Moon by R.E.M., really exemplify the theme.

And, if your kids are home with you while you work remotely, this is the perfect opportunity to teach them who David Bowie is.

Please enjoy- and if you have any song suggestions we may have missed, let us know! We’d love to add them.

Click this link to listen along with us!

SNC’s Out of This World Playlist:

  1. Champagne Supernova- Oasis
  2. Rocket Man- Elton John
  3. Life on Mars- David Bowie
  4. Walking on the Moon- The Police
  5. Breathe- Pink Floyd
  6. Man on the Moon- R.E.M.
  7. Satellite of Love- Lou Reed
  8. Space Jam Theme Song
  9. 2000 Light Years From Home- The Rolling Stones
  10. Total Eclipse of the Heart- Bonnie Tyler
  11. Space- Grateful Dead
  12. Starman- David Bowie
  13. Spaceman – The Killers
  14. Intergalactic – Beastie Boys
  15. The Final Countdown- Europe
  16. Fly Me to the Moon- Frank Sinatra
  17. Satellite- Dave Matthews
  18. Counting Stars- One Republic
  19. Space Oddity- David Bowie
  20. 3030 – Deltron 3030
  21. Mothership Connection – Parliament
  22. Moondance – Van Morison
  23. Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles
  24. Across the Universe – The Beatles
  25. Spaceman – The Byrds
  26. Bad Moon Rising – CCR
  27. Space Age Love Song – Flock of Seagulls
  28. Venus and Mars – Wings
  29. Major Tom – Peter Shilling
  30. Harvest Moon – Neil Young
  31. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft – Klaatu
  32. Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie
  33. The Joker- Steve Miller Band
  34. I’m Walking on Sunshine- Katrina and the Waves
  35. Aquarius (Let the Sunshine in)- The Fifth Dimension
  36. Space Junk- Devo
  37. Lady Stardust- David Bowie
  38. Revolution Earth – B-52s
  39. Blue Moon – The Marcels
  40. Drops of Jupiter – Train
  41. Space Monkey- Patti Smith
  42. Sisters of the Moon- Fleetwood Mac
  43. Moon Rocks- Talking Heads
  44. Space Cowboys- N*Sync
  45. Planet Earth- Duran Duran
  46. Supermassive Black Hole- Muse
  47. Shooting Star- Bag Raiders
  48. Stardust – Nat King Cole
  49. Beyond – Leon Bridges
  50. Dancing in the Moonlight (It’s caught in its Spotlight)- Thin Lizzy
  51. Dancing in the Moonlight- King Harvest
  52. X-Files theme song
  53. Dark Star- Grateful Dead