SNC is a trusted global leader in aerospace and national security committed to moving the American Dream forward. We quickly transform and integrate mission-critical systems to meet immediate and ever-evolving needs. Our innovative solutions enable connected protection through command, control and communications platforms, as well as ISR, cyber, electromagnetic spectrum management, and other high capabilities that ensure national security across domains.

SNC is a next-generation prime at the optimum intersection of commercial, defense and non-traditional contractors. As one of the only privately owned mid-tier A&D prime contractors, SNC is well-known and widely respected for our mission and execution focus, agility, and disruptive and rapid innovation. Throughout our 60-year history, SNC has continually worked to expand the industrial base and deliver truly open architecture platforms across sea, land, air, space and cyber. Because of our right size to scale and our commitment to open architecture, we fill a critical role that helps increase competition, provides value and accelerates innovation. At SNC, it’s part of our mission to always stay one step ahead; working on solutions today to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Headquartered in Nevada, SNC’s diverse global team spans more than 40 locations worldwide. Our tightly knit business areas are recognized as industry leaders and work together to deliver a suite of capabilities that meet the most challenging requirements. From cybersecurity experts to engineers of all types, SNC’s highly skilled professionals dream, innovate, inspire and empower the next generation to lead without limits.

Founded in 1963, SNC is owned by Chairwoman Eren Ozmen and CEO Fatih Ozmen. The Ozmens’ commitment to advancing U.S. leadership in space and technological innovation in the interest of national security – along with their pay-it-forward spirit – inspires future generations of entrepreneurs and fuels SNC’s longstanding contribution as a premier employer in growing American jobs. Under Ozmen leadership, SNC has grown via 20 strategic acquisitions, and through its reputation for innovation, affordability and exceeding customer expectations, creating a network of companies dedicated to supporting and protecting explorers and heroes.

What We Do

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