SNC Scorpion Features & Benefits

Mission Flexibility

Scalable maritime, border security, law enforcement & ISR special mission aircraft 

Quick-Role Change

Multi-tasking from the same platform in <6 hrs 

Certified Platform

FAA-certified platform currently in production 


Low-cost acquisition with comprehensive warranty, support package & training 

Proven Success

Successfully supported 500,000+ mission hours worldwide 

One Platform. Multiple Missions.

One Platform. Multiple Missions.

The aircraft’s modular design approach allows SNC Scorpion to be quickly reconfigured for special mission requirements. Ground crews can change its configuration from an airborne surveillance image collection platform to a cargo or passenger configuration platform in less than six hours. SNC Scorpion is a proven, FAA-certified platform. Operational for over a decade, this aircraft has successfully supported more than 500,000 mission hours worldwide. 

Aircraft Features

  • Maritime patrol aircraft capabilities 
  • Retractable 15-inch HD, electro-optical/infrared sensor in a nose extension modification that records, stores & transmits full-motion video 
  • Multi-mode surveillance radar with high-resolution 
  • Communications network with line-of-sight (LOS) & beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) capability with secure voice & data features 
  • Simultaneous multi-sensor usage 
  • Sleek nose - fully retractable camera 
  • Tactical communications 
  • International configurations 
  • Air survivability options 
  • SIGINT payload 
Aircraft Features


  • Max Speed: 250 mph
  • Max Endurance: 7 hrs
  • Max Ceiling: 35,000 ft.
  • Max Payload Capacity: 2,800 lbs.
  • Max Range: 2,877 mi.