M-28 SOMA Features & Benefits

Rugged gear & STOL capability for austere operations 

Most diverse weapons deployment available in its class 

Modern digital cockpit service  

Versatile, multi-role SOF capabilities 

Austere Operations

Austere Operations

M-28 SOMA was built from the ground up for austere runways and the world’s most extreme environments. The aircraft’s aft cargo ramp brings a multi-role capability unmatched in its category, making it as versatile as the Special Operations forces it serves. 

  • Short takeoff & landing (STOL) 
  • Rugged, fixed tricycle gear provide the most reliable operation for both austere & prepared environments 
  • Soft-field proven 
  • Prop & weapons clearance 
  • Retractable sensor 
  • Nose sensor gravel protection 

Digital Cockpit

We offer modern digital cockpit service common with U-28 developed by IS&S and SNC for AFSOC.

IS&S Electronic Cockpit

  • IS&S IFPDs & EIS
  • FAA/TSO certified components
  • Major components common with U-28A


  • Crew Safety Enhancement
    • Multi-engine VMCA (minimum control airspeed) protection
    • Workload reduction – speed, torque, max L/D loiter modes
  • Full regime auto-throttle (all phases of flight)
  • Over temp/torque protection minimizing down time
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Patented mechanical override safety feature


  • Bendix King KFC 325
  • Three-axis digital flight control system
  • Autopilot & flight director
    • Altitude hold
    • Altitude pre-select
    • Heading select
    • VOR/RNAV
    • Approach & glideslope
    • Reverse localizer
    • Control wheel steering indicated air speed hold & yaw damp

Weapons Deployment

Traditional wing stores, dedicated common launch tube portals and ramp launched store provisions support the most diverse set of weapons available in its class. The M-28 SOMA brings the right weapon to the right mission. 

Wing Mounted Stores 

  • AGM-114 Hellfire 
  • AGR-20 APKWS precision guided rockets 
  • GBU-39 SDB (Provisions) 
  • Four weapons hard points 

Internal Stores 

  • Common launch tube 
  • GBU-69 Small Glide Munitions (SGM) 
  • Coyote UAS 
  • AGM-176 griffin 
  • Eight (8) reloadable CLT 
  • Ramp launched stores 
  • Ramp launch capable CLT 


  • Rear cargo door for ease of loading
    8.5ft x 3.9ft (2.6m x 1.2m)
  • Air Operated rear cargo door
    Proven airdrop system
  • Under fuselage baggage compartment
  • Medical evacuation
    Bio Floors, medical crew & six litters
  • Fixed gear with steerable nose gear
    for operations on unpaved airfields & sod airstrips
  • Landing & takeoff with max gross weight
    less than 1000ft/304.8m
  • Similar modifications available on
    King Air, D328, DHC-6, DHC-8, PC-12