Reduces User Burden

Eliminates the need for multiple devices to communicate, carry & operate 

Increased Mobility

Weighs less than 3 lbs.


Integrates with commercially available cell phone technology 

Open Architecture

Non-proprietary interfaces for maximum integration 


Modular design to accommodate various radios

Streamlined Unmanned Command & Control

Streamlined Unmanned Command & Control

Over the last decade the number and variety of unmanned vehicles, systems and sensors has increased significantly across the defense industry. Most of these platforms are typically controlled by a unique, proprietary device with one-off user interfaces. The KTAC focuses on mobility, increased capability and a common high-quality user experience. 

KTAC development was driven by the need for a device that could utilize existing or commercially available smartphones and provide a gamer-inspired, human-machine interface to increase operator effectiveness. This common controller provides multiple configurations and a modular design to allow customization and continual improvements for our customers. 

Supporting On-the-Move Operations

The rugged KTAC IP 67 design provides the end-user with an Android phone-based robotic controller that meets the demanding environmental challenges of expeditionary on-the-move operations. The modular solution supports multiple tactical configurations for tethered and untethered operation. It also integrates with Nett Warrior or other USB ecosystems. 

KTAC can be worn as a chest mounted device, removed and placed in a pocket or held with one hand. It can also be integrated with the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) for situational awareness, and Kutta’s Unified Ground Control Station (UGCS) software for the control of unmanned systems. 

Supporting On-the-Move Operations
Ground Control Software Integration

Ground Control Software Integration

Kutta’s innovative UGCS software system is capable of interfacing with a multitude of different UAS platforms using STANAG 4586 protocol. This novel software can be tailored to unique vehicle specifications and delivered on a variety of scalable hardware platforms (e.g., cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) based on customer needs. Its versatility makes UGCS software the perfect add-on solution to the KTAC controller.  

UGCS software allows users to effectively and efficiently plan a mission, avoid terrain, avoid obstacles and gather information on whether or not the desired EO/IR imagery can be obtained – all in near-real-time. To date, the software has been integrated with more than 24 different military and commercial robotic platforms. 

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Dock your existing ATAK-enabled or standard Android (S9, S20 & S20 Tactical Edition) device
  • Adds functionality to control apps
  • Interoperable with COTS Juggernaut IMPCT Case & MOLLE compatible with PALS Armor Plate Chest Mount & Kagwerks phone case
  • Successfully integrated with multiple mesh & commercially available IP-based radios
  • Operates as a stand-alone controller when docked with an Android device, or as an OS-independent external control surface for other systems (Android, Linux & MS Windows)