Superior Service

Superior Service

SNC and 3S Certification provide superior services with certification schedules that lower FAA involvement in STC projects. 3S Engineering has the experts to perform and support all phases of aviation projects.

3S Engineering & Certification

Superior Process

Our ODA processes ensure schedule compression, controls and efficiencies over typical FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO)-managed projects. As an ODA, we can issue STCs directly under the delegated authority of the FAA. 

Superior Process
Superior Platform Diversity

Superior Platform Diversity

This FAA designation allows 3S Certification to act on behalf of the FAA to approve and issue STCs covering modifications to a wide variety of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. It is a full-service company offering tailored solutions for aircraft modification, design and FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification services. 

  • ODA administration - FAA Interaction
  • FAA and client coordination
  • STC project management
  • ODA Unit Members (UM) support
  • FAA compliance data development
  • EASA Part 21 J certification and validation
  • Environmental qualification test support
  • Lab, ground and flight test support
  • Test plan/report preparation
  • General consultations
  • Installation design and analysis
    ODA-UM review and FAA approval; Mechanical systems and equipment; Electrical systems and equipment; Structures; Flammability; Acoustics; Powerplant; Flight test pilot; Flight analysis; Software