Features & Benefits

Solves DVE

Restores visual flight cues in real-time

Improved Safety

Detects & highlights hazards

Increased Situational Awareness

See through obscurants throughout entire flight 

Operational Readiness

Fewer diversions, delays & cancellations

Trusted. Mature. Comprehensive.

SNC is partnered with several DOD helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft to deliver DVE solutions. Our DVE technology leverages over a decade of experience and investment to provide the most mature, comprehensive solutions for mitigating multiple forms of DVE available today.

Own the Environment™

Own the Environment™

At some point in our lives, most of us have experienced driving down the highway in fog or a snowstorm. We have the option to slow down or even pull off to the side of the road to avoid an accident. Now imagine that same experience while flying a helicopter. You don’t have the benefit of pulling over to stop, and might not even be able to see the ground to attempt landing. 

These conditions can be very dangerous for pilots to operate in, causing many accidents in both military and commercial markets. DVE also negatively impacts flight operations, causing delays and flight cancellations in both markets. 

SNC’s multi-sensor, configurable DVE systems utilize input from a number of passive and active, high-resolution and deep penetrating sensors to provide real-time, multi-sensor fused imagery and command guidance symbology throughout the entire operational flight envelope. Solutions are available for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.


  • Terrain & obstacle detection, highlighting & proximity alerts
  • Real-time, fusion of active & passive sensors
  • Single or multi-sensor capabilities
  • Geo-registered scaled & aligned imagery
  • MFD, HMD & HUD display options