A-29 Features & Benefits

Multiple unique mission configurations

Combat proven with 16 air forces worldwide

Built in the USA

Low maintenance & operating costs

The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard

With more than 500,000 flight hours and more than 60,000 combat hours, the A-29 Super Tucano has achieved a significant record of success in combat and has been called a “game changer” for aircraft effectiveness in close air support as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. SNC tailors the configuration of each A-29 fleet to perform the unique ISR and security missions, counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations required by the customer.   

With SNC as prime contractor and our partner, Embraer Defense & Security, we build the A-29 aircraft in the U.S., as well as provide ground support equipment, maintenance training, pilot training, including difference training and instructor pilot upgrade training, contractor logistics support, sparing and sustainment. With our Total Package approach, the A-29 can easily transition into the field to enhance warfighter support. Our active production line keeps maintenance, operation and sustainment costs low, bringing greater value and affordability to the customer. 

FMS Total Package Approach – Experience, Value, Satisfaction

SNC’s FMS Total Package Approach stands out for its hands-on support, detailed design assistance, training, maintenance and sustainment expertise. Our Contractor Logistics Support is tailorable from full hands-on to over the shoulder “train the trainer.”  

Our support begins before contract award and is customized to a right size, best value execution at all phases of the program. SNC's design support places airworthiness at the forefront, with safety as the number one priority coupled with unparalleled systems engineering, ensuring selection of the right solution for the mission.  

Following delivery, our FMS customers rely on SNC’s subject matter experts to provide experienced operations, tactics and maintenance training from the classroom to the cockpit. And our robust team works closely with customers to proactively monitor and manage potential issues before they arise while also supporting fielded aircraft as the conduit to the OEM white glove treatment.

FMS Total Package Approach – Experience, Value, Satisfaction


  • G-limits
  • Max level speed
    320 Knots Indicated Air Speed (KIAS)
  • Cruise speed
    281 KIAS
  • Stall speed
    83 Knots Calibrated Air Speed (KCAS)
  • Service ceiling
    35,000 ft
  • Max Takeoff Weight
    11,904 lb
  • External payload
    3,420 lb
  • Internal fuel
    171 gal (1,121 lb)
  • External fuel
    Up to 245 gal (1,606 lb)
  • Endurance (internal fuel)
    2.6 hours
  • Endurance (full external fuel)
    7.1 hours
  • Ferry range (internal fuel)
    450 nm
  • Ferry range (full external fuel)
    1,562 nm