Vindlér Features & Benefits

A new satellite constellation to address a growing market need for radio frequency (RF) collection and analysis.

Frequencies Icon

Frequencies Ranging
from VHF to L-band

Downlink 4GB/Satellite Daily

Downlink 4GB/Satellite Daily
Intuitive Analyst Interface
Intuitive Analyst Interface
Task While in Orbit Icon
Ability to Task While in Orbit
Correlation of Data Sources Icon
Correlation of RF & Commercial Data Sources
Flexible Licensing Icon
Flexible Licensing Supports Data Sharing
Advanced Stratospheric Analytics

Advanced Stratospheric Analytics

With more than 14 years of experience, SNC is a pioneer in developing advanced algorithms, analytics, process automation and leading laboratories.

Vindlér Capabilities:

  • Four 6U satellites
  • Collect frequencies ranging from VHF to L-band
  • Geolocation datasets with industry leading accuracy
  • Downlink 4GB/satellite daily
  • Low-latency delivery for time sensitive operations
  • Growing constellation with custom mission payloads
  • Intuitive interface for tasking & analytics
  • RF data catalog with automated ingest
  • Algorithms correlating imagery & RF emissions supporting computer vision requirements
  • Safeguard against RF & GPS interference