Features & Benefits

Platform & sensor agnostic

Increased scalability &
enhanced capabilities

Interoperability &
situational awareness

Certified to commercial
& military standards

Open & Secure Architecture

Open & Secure Architecture

SNC's family of systems is currently in operation around the globe, supporting customers' need for rapid, accurate assessment and situational analysis. In addition to first-rate sensors, integration and industry-leading communications implementations, we also provide cutting-edge tasking, collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination (TCPED) systems.

System Design, Development, Integration & Modernization

  • Tactical communication systems for airborne, fixed & land mobile solutions
  • Navigation, guidance & landing systems
  • Integrated line-of-sight (LOS) & beyond-LOS (BLOS) communications solutions
  • Wide-area airborne surveillance systems
  • Airborne command & control systems
  • High altitude balloons & tethered aerostats support persistent C4ISR requirements
System Design, Development, Integration & Modernization
Sensor Systems Features

Sensor Systems Features

  • Certification to commercial & military standards
  • Signals intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Wideband digital electronic intelligence (ELINT) & manual ELINT analysis tools & systems
  • Electronic support measures (ESM) systems
  • Communications intelligence (COMINT) search & collection systems
  • Special purpose electronic warfare (EW) systems
  • Wideband digital recording systems, special purpose antennas & radio frequency (RF) subsystems & integrated shelter systems
  • Tasking, collection, processing, exploitation & dissemination (TCPED)
  • Wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) & wide-area persistent surveillance (WAPS) systems provide manned & unmanned options for city-sized areas in high-definition EO/IR surveillance
  • Integrated airborne shelter systems