RAPCON-X Features & Benefits

Provide a Peer/Near-Peer quick reaction, long-range precision A-ISR capability.

Multi-Domain Operations & Analytics

Multi-Domain Operations &
Analytics via SNC TRAX®

Long-Range Precision Sensing

Precision Sensing

Rapid Target Maneuvering

Rapid Target Maneuvering

Modular, Open Architecture for Mission Tailoring

Modular, Open Architecture
for Mission Tailoring
Scalable, Turnkey COCO
A-ISR Solution

Highly Optimized Aircraft
with Unique Shapes

The Future of A-ISR

SNC is invested in building a safer tomorrow through an unparalleled airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (A-ISR) offering. SNC’s new A-ISR jet capability, RAPCON-X, is built with a current production, commercial derivative aircraft (CDA) and offers high reliability, superior range, endurance and an operational envelope that enhances survivability and the ability to operate in peer-to-peer and near-peer environments.

Designed with the future in mind, today – RAPCON-X is born digital.

Its modular design was created using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), significantly reducing the time required to integrate new systems and add new capabilities. It can be easily reconfigured for specific mission purpose without aircraft redesign. Intended for worldwide operations, RAPCON-X is engineered ready for ASE installation.

Rapidly Configurable
to any Mission

HIGHER - Altitudes >45'
LONGER - 14+ Hour Endurance

Highly Effective Mission Domain ISR Operations

The current environment is shifting to near-peer threats with increased lethality, range and speed. SNC’s RAPCON-X solution addresses these challenges by delivering a turnkey solution that advances C5ISR warfighting capabilities with a connected battlefield across all domains. RAPCON-X offers persistent ISR mission operations with a high-altitude, near-peer-optimized sensor capability through a COCO A-ISR service.  

  • 99% Mission Readiness Rate
  • 22K+ hours engineering Bombardier 6500 mission systems
  • 300+ A-ISR platforms missionized & modified commercial derivative aircraft
  • 1,000+ aircraft modification & integrations completed
% Mission Readiness Rate
K+ Engineering Hours
+ A-ISR Platforms Modified
  • Operating Mission Altitude
    >45,000 ft MSL
  • Mission Endurance Time
    >14 Hours
  • Ferry Range
    >6,000 NM
  • Fully Modernized Avionics
    GATM/NextGen 2020
  • MGW T/O Distance
    6,500 ft
  • Landing Distance
    2,300 ft
  • High Band Width BLOS, SIGINT
    > 35/35 MBS


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