Features & Benefits

SNC is the largest ELINT provider

200+ deliveries & five decades of expertise 

Advanced TRL

High-Technical Readiness Level (TRL) capabilities 

All-domain solutions

Suitable for installation on all platforms/environments

Full-spectrum capabilities

 Search, detect, measure, ID, DF/Geo & collect signals 

200+ Deliveries & Five Decades of Expertise

200+ Deliveries & Five Decades of Expertise

SNC is the largest ELINT provider. We bring more than 200 ELINT/ESM deliveries and five decades of experience including design, development and delivery of ELINT/ESM systems on ISR programs of record for U.S. DOD, military and partner nations. Our field-proven signals intelligence (SIGINT), ELINT and ESM product family offers high-Technical Readiness Level (TRL) capabilities that minimize cost and schedule risks through extensive hardware and software reuse.  

We provide signal processing tools that exploit advanced signals at output power while maintaining current intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) stand-off ranges. SNC SIGINT/ELINT/ESM products search, detect, measure, ID, DF/Geo and collect signals to quickly ascertain the capabilities/intentions of an adversary. We offer solutions suitable for installation on all platforms/environments. 

Electronic Warfare (EW) Commonality

  • ELINT/ESM (operational, technical & scientific ELINT) 
  • High field of view & probability of intercept, small SWaP 
  • ELINT pre-detection recorders & analyst-ready data 
  • Open architecture ELINT/ESM systems 
  • Integration with third-party apps 
  • Signal visualization, real-time post-mission analysis tools, ELINT/ESM intercept map 
  • Scalable, multi-channel, multi-operator, multi-DF methods 
Electronic Warfare (EW) Commonality