DSS Features & Benefits


Configurable open architecture

Decreased Weight

Deployable on smaller platforms

Increased Functionality

Adaptable to new signal environment

Ease of Use

Interactive toolsets for manual analysis

Small SWaP Digital SIGINT System (SSDSS)

Small SWaP Digital SIGINT System (SSDSS)

We designed and deployed a small size, weight and power (SWaP) technical electronic intelligence (ELINT) sub-system with advanced algorithms to enable a decisive edge in the battlespace. Our Small SWaP Digital SIGINT System (SSDSS) scales across capabilities, operators and channels to accommodate all platforms and applications. It provides extendable signals intelligence (SIGINT) capabilities beyond search, detect, measure, ID, localize and copy. Extensions include advanced detection algorithms, spinning DF, IDF, navigation ESM and 100% POI spectral monitoring and multi-channel emitter measurement. 

ELINT operators can interact with real-time situational awareness displays to detect signal activity, isolate signals in dense RF environments and optimize the system settings for the best signal collection. 

Small SWaP Receiver Processor Unit (SSRPU)

The Small SWaP Receiver Processor Unit (SSRPU) is a multi-channel technical ELINT solution, capable of integrating with and controlling various antenna types, RF distributions, recording devices and back-end user displays. The SSRPU consists of three independently controlled tuners/digital receivers optimized for technical ELINT collection, analysis and identification. 

Our RPU is the heart of the SSDSS system and can be configured to meet a wide array of user requirements for frequency coverage, antenna coverage, probability of intercept and system sensitivity. The RPU has three independent collection elements (CE). Each CE consists of one microwave tuner and one digital signal processing block. For ELINT systems supporting multiple operators, multiple SSRPU assemblies may be connected to work in parallel. 

Small SWaP Receiver Processor Unit (SSRPU)