C-130 Modification Features & Benefits

Increased Capabilities

SNC specializes in bringing new capabilities to the proven C-130 aircraft. Our innovative avionics and mission upgrades enhance C-130 operations, increasing capabilities to satisfy the ever-changing battlefield threats and requirements.  

Increased Effectiveness

From flight deck upgrades to mission system integrations, cybersecurity systems and Wide-Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) capability, SNC increases the C-130 aircraft’s effectiveness across domains.  

Breaking Vendor Lock

SNC is committed to providing the large aircraft customer base with full usage rights, breaking OEM vendor lock and supporting maximized innovation, enhanced competition and reduced system lifecycle costs. 


Driven by the schedule and capability demands of the special operations community, our integration, test, certification and modification capabilities are driven by SOF's schedule and capability demands. Innovation, speed and performance are what separates SNC from the competition. 

C-130 Supported Platforms

SNC provides mission communications, situation awareness and operator consoles as well as CLS for the Precision Strike Package aboard both the AC-130W and AC-130J aircraft. In 2022, SNC completed integration of the Radio Frequency Countermeasure on the first AC-130J aircraft.

SNC modifies MC-130J aircraft to incorporate an advanced AbMN secure communications suite and is the supplier for the USSOCOM MC-130J Radio Frequency Countermeasure (RFCM) program. Turn-key integration provides Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) interoperability for Special Operation Forces (SOF) networks.

SNC provides a secure communications suite to the EC-130J Super J, the newest addition to SNC’s C-130 portfolio. This Link 16 line of sight tactical datalink modification is the first step in bringing common AbMN capabilities to the platform.

SNC integrated updated color weather radar with predictive windshear capabilities to the KC-130T tanker platform. SNC provided all design, analysis, certification and technical publications to support integration of Honeywell RDR-4000(M) with MFD Multifunction displays on the aircraft.

SNC modifies KC-130J aircraft with the installation of the Harvest Hercules Airborne Weapons Kit (HAWK). Harvest HAWK+ provides real time intelligence gathering, target detection, identification, tracking and precision-guided munition delivery via wing and door-mounted launchers to perform close air support missions.

Radio Frequency Countermeasures (RFCM)

Radio Frequency Countermeasures (RFCM)

SNC’s RFCM system adds next generation Electronic Warfare (EW) capabilities while preserving cargo capabilities of host aircraft. Its centralized EW processor enables low system weight and electrical power.  

The receive subsystem contains Low Band (LB), Mid-Band (MB) and MB/High Band (HB) receive paths while the transmit subsystem provides wide azimuth and elevation coverage with four compact, high-power transmit antennas. RFCM’s crew interface can be hosted on existing TACVIEW displays for alternate user interface.

Infrared Suppression (IRSS)

The SNC and WR Davis engine exhaust Infrared Suppression Systems (IRSS) improve the susceptibility of aircraft to infrared guided missiles by reducing missile lock-on range and enabling optimal performance of infrared jammers and flares. 

C-130J IRSS significantly reduces infrared signature at all view angles around the aircraft using a combination of effusion and film cooling of all visible metal surfaces. The kit is designed for easy maintenance, with unobstructed access to the engine compartment and pre-flight turbine inspection through quick-release access ports.

Infrared Suppression (IRSS)
Airborne Mission Networking (AbMN)

Airborne Mission Networking (AbMN)

SNC incorporates an advanced AbMN secure communications suite that can aggregate and disseminate tactical data from disparate networks. It is a diverse comms gateway that includes a suite of LOS and BLOS datalinks and radios as well as an autonomous node operation. SNC’s AbMN enhancements have no impact to basic aircraft operational capabilities.  

The AbMN system is also ideal for crew situational awareness with threat inter-visibility, blended pictures with dynamic updates, IMOM threat assessment using terrain shading, and full integration into existing cockpit displays and augmented cabin displays.

Ka/Ku Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS)

SNC integrates the Honeywell JetWave system for Ka BLOS connectivity. SNC’s installation conforms to ARINC 791 allowing our customers to reconfigure their platforms to a rapidly changing SATCOM services market. 

SNC’s Ka/Ku BLOS modifications are capable of 50 Mbps forward link and 5.0 Mbps return link on Inmarsat Global Xpress service to support HD video transmission and reception in addition to mission planning and situational awareness data. It’s high-fineness ratio radome provides a low drag (<1 drag count estimated) installation that mitigates skin fatigue issues while the ARINC 791 based installation allows for future technology refreshes to capitalize on commercial industry advances. It is also I-5 GX and WGS-capable. 

Ka/Ku Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS)
Link-16 Integration

Link-16 Integration

SNC provides the most capable tactical datalink management software solutions for hosting Link 16 and SADL radios, putting the operator at the center of design so they can adapt to various network types with minimal training, increasing situational awareness. 

Palletized Operator Consoles

SNC’s Mission Operator Pallet (MOP) subsystem has evolved since the original AC-130W deployment. It is now a modular system proven to meet a variety of platform requirements. 

Palletized Operator Consoles
Cockpit Integration

Cockpit Integration

SNC brings mission system video, data and user interface to the cockpit with Heads Up Displays (HUD), “Under Glass” Avionics Integration, Federated Cockpit Displays, MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Emulation/Open Interface and Avionics Isolation/Secure Gateway. 

Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)

Our Precision Strike Package (PSP) CLS team is the only CLS sustainment team in the industry. CLS provides the rapid ability to sustain all fielded systems and the flexibility to maintain emerging gunship force multipliers.  

This team provides hands-on worldwide support to multiple U.S. Air Force AC-130 gunships. Strengthened by depth and experience, the CLS team provides on-call support, bolstering dynamic weapons systems capabilities. 

  • Lifecycle sustainment 
  • Weapons system maintenance
  • Munitions systems maintenance
  • Day-to-Day mission systems maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Full-Service supply and logistics management
  • Team of professionals with backgrounds in:
    • Aviation Maintenance, Information Technology, Quality
    • Assurance and Supply Chain Management