Features & Benefits

Scalable Open Architecture

Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA)-compliant solutions increase interoperability across all platforms & domains

Applied AI/ML & Complex Algorithms

Enabling predictive learning

Real-Time Analytical Engine

Support assisted decision making

Real-Time Analysis

Rapidly search for answers to complex questions

Creating Decision Solutions & Spaces

Creating Decision Solutions & Spaces

When finding a way to manage, process and analyze data, a number of questions come to mind. How do I integrate my existing systems? Will my employees be able to work together effectively? How do I best exploit the data I have? What is the data telling me?

SNC offers a comprehensive set of capabilities and solutions to help answer these questions and more – all tailorable to your specific data needs and budget. We have hundreds of data scientists and senior developers, advancing AI capabilities for numerous Department of Defense and Intelligence Community (IC) entities. Our knowledge, expertise and capabilities are tailored to these customer needs.

Core Capabilities

  • Experience leveraging petabyte scale unstructured & structured multi-source datasets
  • Collaborative partnerships with best-of-breed AI/ML providers & leading laboratories
  • Multi-INT data use cases
  • Hyperspectral image target processing
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • High quality labeled training data across multiple domains
  • Metrics driven auto-labeling capability
  • Object detection & computer vision
Core Capabilities