Global space capability is achieved by deploying in numbers. SNC uses the benefit of a manufacturing mindset and experience to ensure production capability is designed into our spacecraft from the beginning. First units see full design verification testing (DVT) while subsequent production units go through highly streamlined integration and testing processes tailored to the customer’s risk posture and budget. Lessons learned during integration then close the loop in a process of continuous improvement, using extensive automation to achieve consistent, repeatable results in the manufacturing environment. Satellites are designed with a line replaceable unit (LRU) mentality, with easy access to key components and separation of payload and bus integration efforts into parallel work flows. This greatly reduces the schedule required for system integration and gives payload developers maximum flexibility prior to space vehicle assembly and test. SNC’s ORBCOMM Generation 2 flagship production program is ongoing with the first 18 satellites in production in our Louisville, Colorado manufacturing facility.

Production: The ORBCOMM Generation 2 program is underway with the first 18 satellites through production in our Louisville, Colorado manufacturing facility.