Mission Architecture and Engineering

Every successful space mission begins with a foundation of mission analysis and engineering that defines the most effective and cost-efficient architecture within a risk profile that suits each customer’s needs and price point. SNC provides a full range of analysis of mission requirements and alternatives, orbit selection, launch and deployment options, command and control infrastructure, data latency assessment and delivery, lifetime analysis, and performance modeling – all focused to result in the best-value mission solution.

As a system integrator, SNC does not try to force fit your challenge into a pre-determined solution. Beginning with the customer’s most important needs, we develop and allocate those requirements across all elements of the system and conduct trades to determine the most cost-effective approaches. We use a global system of partnerships to integrate the right combination of capabilities in the space segment, ground segment and launch to design and achieve your optimum mission.

Mission Architecture and Engineering: A robust requirements analysis, definition and allocation process ensures that we are building the most cost-effective solution to achieve our customers’ mission goals.