Hosted Payloads and Rideshare

Small satellites, by their very nature, create opportunities for cost sharing. This is achieved either in a hosted payload situation or by freeing up launch capacity to share with other satellites and payloads, reducing the total mission cost to SNC’s customers. SNC has multi-program experience with the industry-standard Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) Secondary Payload Adapter (ESPA) in both the Standard and Grande configurations, and has launched satellites as secondary payloads using other accommodations. We can integrate hosted payloads onto a variety of missions, providing additional cost-share or revenue-enhancing opportunities for our customers. A key example is SNC’s TacSat-2 mission, which hosted 14 payloads for a variety of Department of Defense scientific and engineering objectives. We have a variety of contractual mechanisms that enable implementation of hosted payloads.

Hosted Payload and Rideshare: SNC has proven experience in both hosting payloads and developing solutions that allow for ride-share opportunities - reducing the cost of access to space for our customers.