Limitations in data handling capabilities and launch options have traditionally forced space system designers to opt for large, complex spacecraft that tried to satisfy many missions and requirements. That approach leads to a downward spiral of stretched schedules and runaway costs which, in the end, mean only small numbers of units are affordable. Today, the threats posed by both natural and hostile events make large monolithic spacecraft and even small fleets more vulnerable. Our mission and satellite production experience, coupled with advances in software and avionics plus signal and data processing, allows for impressive performance to be packaged into small satellites which can then be built in increased numbers, disaggregating capability and making critical missions more resilient to all types of failures. SNC’s cost efficient approach to mission engineering, satellite design, production and launch optimization results in a disaggregated approach that is not only mission effective but affordable as well. Our 18 satellite ORBCOMM constellation program is an example of this approach.

Disaggregation: By lowering the cost of rapidly deployable high-performance spacecraft, SNC opens the door for constellation and disaggregated solutions that not only increase total system performance but add resiliency to the architecture.