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Propulsion Systems

Sierra Nevada Corporation's (SNC) Space Systems exploits a variety of propulsion technologies for an equally diverse set of applications.

Beginning with Vehicle Propulsion, SNC's Space Systems has developed a range of hybrid rocket motors that powered SpaceShipOne (SS1) to win the Ansari X-Prize and the motors that will propel the space tourism SpaceShipTwo (SS2) and the Dream Chaser® astronaut and crew-carrying spacecraft.

» October 31, 2014: SNC Statement in Response to Inquiries Regarding 10-31-14 Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Incident


Hybrid Propulsion:

  • SNC’s Space Systems Proven Patented Hybrid Rocket Propulsion Technology has:
    • Over 10 years of development
    • Over 300 firings
  • A Dream Chaser Full Mission Profile Hot Firing Demonstrated the Motor’s Vacuum & Restart Capability
  • Dream Chaser Uses Safe, Non-Toxic, Storable, & Human Flight Tested Propellant


Spacecraft Propulsion by Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space SystemsIn support of SNC and other customer spacecraft needs, Space Systems has Spacecraft Propulsion systems such as transfer stages and ‘responsive’ propulsion solutions that eliminate the use of toxic propellants.





Spacecraft Propulsion by Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space Systems