Pointing Systems and Motion Control

SNC is an industry leader in precision, low-disturbance pointing systems for space applications and has developed a number of single and dual axis pointing systems for spaceflight tracking, navigation, as well as positioning functions for antennae, solar array drives/mechanisms, optical telescopes, and instrument mechanisms.  Each axis of the pointing system is typically driven by a precision rotary actuator, which features a redundant stepper motor, harmonic drive and/or hybrid transmission, with various position telemetry options. The rotary actuator is configurable with multiple options, through holes for cable management, slip rings, twist capsules, RF Rotary joints, telemetry sensors and adjustable hard stops.  The biaxial brackets have been designed for very minimal orthogonal distortion, high stiffness and low mass.  SNC pointing systems are qualified and flight proven with NASA programs, commercial and military satellites and the International Space Station. Although we specialize in custom engineered open and closed loop solutions, our list of qualified motors, actuators, gimbals and drive electronics has grown into a substantial portfolio capable of supporting a wide range of applications and sizes with minimal non-recurring effort required.

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