Mechanical and Structural Systems

Since 1987, our Space Technologies group has flown thousands of mechanisms on hundreds of space missions with 100 percent on orbit operational success. Our very first product, the High Output Paraffin Actuator (HOPA) has become an industry standard for the gentle, low-shock release of critical spacecraft applications such as solar arrays, antennas and payloads. Over the years we have been able to leverage technologies such as the HOPA into larger subsystem offerings such as custom Instrument Covers and Optical Barrel Assemblies.

  • Instrument Covers
  • Low-Shock, Re-useable Clamp-Band Separation Systems
  • Low-Shock, Re-useable Separation Devices
  • Fast Acting Shock-less Separation Nuts (FASSN)
  • Qwknut
  • High Output Paraffin (HOP) and HOP Mechanisms
  • Hinges