Launch Support Products and Services

SNC has supported both U.S. and international launch services for decades with a variety of technologies needed for reliable and gentle deployment of payloads and spacecraft into proper orbit. Devices such as our low-shock Clamp Band Opening Devices (CBODs) are now used to release dozens of primary payloads each year on nearly every major launch vehicle in the world. Other products such as our Fast Acting Shock-less Separation Nuts (FASSNs) have become the go-to method for safely restraining and releasing the cargo pallet on every H2 Transfer Vehicle to assist in delivering critical equipment and supplies to the International Space Station. At a higher sub-system level, our Qwksep clamp-band type separation systems are quickly becoming recognized as a new, robust industry standard to deploy smaller satellites and constellations at lower cost and higher reliability. And with the backing and resources of a prime integrator such as SNC, we are now able to offer larger structural systems such as our own Dream Chaser® Launch Vehicle Integration System as well as dispensers, adapters and integration services required for carrying both single and multiple spacecraft onward to their mission in space.

  • Integrated Systems - Dispensers and Deployment Modules
  • Integration Services
  • Analysis Services
  • Low-Shock, Re-useable Clamp-Band Separation Systems
  • Low-Shock, Re-useable Separation Devices
  • Fast Acting Shock-less Separation Nuts (FASSN)
  • Qwknut
  • High Output Paraffin (HOP) and HOP Mechanisms