SNC has designed and developed space heritage motor controllers and electronics to complement its qualified array of flight motors, actuators and gimbals.  Based upon flight industry standards and typical stepper motor applications, SNC electronics provide multi-channel motor control with enhanced micro-stepping, current limiting and acceleration/deceleration capability.  Each channel can be programmed independently for customized biaxial actuator control.  The command interfaces are configurable for 2 or 3 bipolar and 4 phase stepper motors, and can provide peak current and constant torque over full input voltage range and variations in motor resistance over temperature.   Heritage controller offerings include basic motor operation control with selectable micro-step resolution and current limit, as well as, telemetry update and processing capability (position and temperature) on more customized, flight proven electronic control units.

  • Universal Microstepping Control Driver (UMCD)
  • Simple Stepper Drive (SSD)
  • Rotational Drive Electronics (RDE)
  • Gimbal Drive Electronics/Gimbal Control Electronics (GDE/GCE)
  • Intelligent Power and Data Ring (IPDR)