Spacecraft Electrical Power Systems

Sierra Nevada Corporation provides low-cost, highly scalable power systems with power ranges from 100W to 10kW.  SNC offers end-to-end electric power solutions consisting of fully assembled and tested solar arrays, solar array drives, slip rings, hinges, hold down mechanisms, power electronics, batteries, and motor control electronics.  Our engineering teams have the expertise and experience to define, analyze, and test complete power systems utilizing state of the art tools and integration equipment.  Our heritage and scalable power systems can be tailored to fit a wide variety of mission options with reduced cost and risk by incorporating existing qualified and flight proven designs.  SNC has heritage EPS designs ranging from 28 to 125 Volts, with power from 750 to 3000 Watts.

  • Solar Arrays
  • Solar Array Drive Assemblies (SADAs)
  • Electronics
  • Battery Bypass Switches and Cell Shorting Devices
  • Actuators
  • Release Devices
  • Hinges