Product Lines

Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space Systems Product Lines

Space Technologies by Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space SystemsSpace TechnologiesSpacecraft Systems by Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space SystemsSpacecraft Systems
Propulsion Systems by Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space SystemsPropulsion SystemsSpace Exploration Systems by Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space SystemsSpace Exploration Systems

» October 31, 2014: SNC Statement in Response to Inquiries Regarding 10-31-14 Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Incident

Space Systems Products Innovate.

From hybrid rockets that powered the first commercial astronauts to space, the first demonstration of a deployable thin-film solar array in space, to the first microsatellite to be controlled by the internet. From actuators that have powered the Mars Rovers more than five years, to a winged, piloted commercial space vehicle. SNC's Space Systems brings innovative technologies to space.

Space Systems Products Enable.

How we explore and utilize space is changing. It requires combining the nimbleness and innovation of entrepreneurs with the capability and depth of experience. SNC's Space Systems technologies provide new ways for everyone to reach, explore and utilize space.

Space Systems Products Perform.

Thousands of products flown on hundreds of spacecraft - over 25 years with 100% success!

SNC's Space Systems, with four product lines, provides a depth and breadth of experience unmatched in the aerospace industry.