SNC's Space Systems

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is a world-class aerospace prime systems integrator and our Space Systems business area develops high performance, innovative components and systems that are changing how we reach, explore, and utilize space. Our products range from spacecraft actuators that power the Mars rovers, to hybrid rocket technologies that powered the first commercial astronaut to space, and to microsatellites controlled by the Internet to the Dream Chaser® spacecraft, a winged and piloted orbital commercial spacecraft. SNC's Space Systems products innovate, enable and perform.

SNC's Space Systems is an exciting and talented space technology Business Area.  We are facilitating a change of course in commercial space by developing new technologies in small satellites, deployable structures, hybrid propulsion systems and spacecraft component systems.  We have participated in hundreds of successful space missions with programs that span the solar system from Earth orbit, to the moon, to Mars and beyond.   We have the unique capability to provide the complete integrated package necessary to satisfy the expanding need for global, affordable and rapid access to space.  

Along the way, we have invested in our quality systems and have developed a client list that includes virtually all major aerospace companies.  

We have grown and expanded dramatically during the past years and are proud of our people, technologies and position in the advancement and commercialization of space.  We are really looking forward to the path ahead and beyond.  



Mark N. Sirangelo

Corporate Vice President,
SNC's Space Systems