Executive Management - Jeff Summers

Vice President, Special Programs Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space Systems

Jeff Summers brings more than 30 years of aerospace engineering experience to Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Space Systems. As a founding employee of Microsat Systems Inc. in 2000, he served as chief technologist and led major programs including serving as the program manager/systems engineer for the Air Force TechSat 21 and TacSat-2 programs. Summers guided the technical team toward realizing Microsat Systems Inc.’s vision of a modular, low-cost bus product that could be rapidly reconfigured for different customer needs. Summers led the design through successful Systems Requirement Review, Preliminary Design Review and Critical Design Review processes, culminating in a successful launch in 2006. Realizing the low-cost, modular, small satellite vision was instrumental in capturing the 18 satellite ORBCOMM Generation 2 production program for SNC.


As vice president of special programs, Summers oversees SNC’s research programs and is involved in multiple industry working groups directly responsible for the development of modular technologies and standardized interfaces for responsive satellites. Upon joining SNC, he also helped to define and implement key internal processes to promote technical growth within the engineering staff and provided developmental guidance for technical products. Summers manages all of SNC’s Space Systems special programs efforts involving customer interface and coordinates these efforts enterprise-wide.