Space Systems Executive & Key Management

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is a fast growing company and we take pride in the innovative and agile custom solutions in a wide variety of areas, but with special focus on Engineering, Electronics Systems, Communications Systems, Aviation, and Space to the commercial and government sectors. We are also very proud of our fabulous workforce and the innovative achievements they have made to our customers and industry.

Executive Officers

Eren Ozmen - Chairman and President

Fatih Ozmen - Chief Executive Officer


Executive Management for SNC's Space System

Mark N. Sirangelo - Corporate VP

John Roth - VP, Business Development

Jeff Summers - VP, Special Programs

GreggBurgess - VP, Technology

Paul Streit - VP, Programs


Key Management for SNC's Space Exploration Systems

Steve Lindsey - Sr. Director, Space Exploration Systems

John Curry - Sr. Director, Space Exploration Systems